From My Hands to Yours

For a full selection of my work, find me at the Clay Fest October 11-13, at the Lane County Fairgrounds, in booth number 52. Clay Fest is our local showcase of ceramic awesomeness, and a must-visit for pottery lovers!

Come to Clay Space in December for our yearly studio sale (date TBD). I will be clearing out lots of seconds this year, so this is your opportunity for extra good deals on beautiful (but slightly flawed, or shall we say, “wabi-sabi”) pots.

For up-to-date information about my show schedule, check out my Facebook page.

I choose not to sell my handmade pottery online. I believe that the tangible connection between each unique pot and each unique person is too important to bypass. If you live too far from Eugene to visit my booth, check out your local craft fairs and art festivals for awesome potters in your area.