Meet the Potter

I find the physical world enchanting. Seemingly mundane activities, like making a cup of coffee, fill me with pleasure. I love the simple act of reaching up to take a mug from it’s hook. I love the weight and permanence of stoneware paired with the glassy flow of the glaze. I love the way handmade pottery fits to my hand like a glove and to my lips like a kiss. I love the subtle clink when I set the mug down. I have been sharing the ritual of my morning coffee with the same mug for years now, and it has become a dear friend.

Beautiful, handmade pottery is my offering to the world. My work combines excellent design sense with high-quality craftsmanship, yielding dishes which beg to be held. Each unique piece goes from my hands to yours, infusing your daily routine with the pleasure of a thing well made.

Meadow Scott, Potter

Meadow Scott lives in Eugene, Oregon with her husband and two kids. She’s been making pottery for more than 20 years. She is also an educator, writer, wilderness lover, local foodie and plant geek.

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